Fruity Vanilla Nut Tart

Le piece de resistance!

Raw Vanilla Cashew Tart

Fact I just googled that to make sure I spelled it properly. Double fact – I went to french immersion from kindergarten to grade 10. SCHOLAR!

Good thing this isn’t an educational blog, and on that note let me tell you about this irresistible little gem of a dessert I made for father’s day/my stepdad’s birthday. Anytime my mom has a family gathering or just a general gathering of people, I will always immediately jump at the opportunity to cook something. Mainly dessert but I like to expand my horizons, still however mainly dessert.

So with dessert on the mind I immediately started racking my brain for ideas. I made the ever so favored chocolate cake because let’s face it, it’s never a let down, but I wasn’t satisfied with JUST that. As I attempt this healthy lifestyle thing and I don’t eat dairy I needed something that I could eat and indulge in, as well as something challenging.

Raw Vanilla Cashew Tart

Enter the raw vegan tart I made.

This recipe comes from the outstandingly talented and ridiculously adorable Em at This Rawesome Vegan Life. So far I have only had the chance to dabble at this recipe, however her photography and recipes looks sensational and I cannot wait to attack more.

Raw Vanilla Cashew Tart

The best part, her desserts look amazing, with all whole simple ingredients – now this is my kind of girl and my kind of party.

This tart delivers every sinful amount of amazingness you’d hope for, and then some. The crust resembles a lara bar, the vanilla cashew filling is just pure bliss, and the fresh fruit on top well that is just decadence without being decadent… you know what I mean.

Raw Vanilla Cashew Tart

It is important to note, her recipe calls for putting the tart with the filling in the fridge until ready to serve, then place the fresh fruit on top. I would recommend placing it in the freezer (especially if you’re going to be serving this on a hot summers day) as it really helps set the filling and will be MUCH easier to serve. Take the tart out of the freezer approximately 10 minutes before serving, place fresh fruit on top, cut and enjoy.

You can find the recipe here. Let me know if you guys make the individual tarts or make one big one like myself. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!!

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One thought on “Fruity Vanilla Nut Tart

  1. This was a wonderful surprise. It was an additional dessert for those who did not want a something heavy and filling. It was light and refreshing and very satisfying. I just ate the last piece. Thanks for the recipe!!!!

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